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Next Generation Optimization Engines  With decades of experiences and R&D in supply chain, logistics, & transportation optimization, Agillence proudly offers its next generation  optimization engines which will produce solutions with significantly higher cost-saving potential and implementability as well.


Here are the featured Agillence optimization engines:

Consulting & Services
Our Consulting and Support services range from strategic analysis of enterprise supply chain, logistics, and transportation plans to implementations of customized solutions. 



Rapid Deployment


Agillence optimization engines sit on the proprietary infrastructure. This unique architecture allows rapid deployment of the optimization solutions.

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Agillence Products


Agillence offers unprecedented optimization power through its suite of next generation optimization engines for supply chain, logistics, and transportation


  - To design supply chain network with special consideration to multi-stop and delivery frequency constraints
- For General and Retail industries

  - To design high frequency, low inventory lean logistics network
- Originated from Toyota inbound solution
- For Automotive and Retail industries


  - To design hub-spoke service network for freight carriers
- For Transportation industry
  - To generate robust plan for daily or weekly transportation requirements
- For General and Transportation industries
  - To calculate and optimize required resources (drivers, tractors, and trailers) for a given set of lanes
- For Transportation (carriers and shippers) industry
  - To manage operational route plan details and generate planned loads

- To track and trace individual loads

- To ACA (add/cancel/adjust) for last minute change needs

- To generate SBI (self bill invoice)
- For Automotive and manufacturing industry


Agillence Consulting & Services


Consulting Services


In addition to our standard solution offering, we provide consulting services in all areas of supply chain.  The areas include forecasting, inventory, transportation, production, and sourcing.  Our approach is analytical and our recommendation provides insight into the challenges. 


Training and Education

  We provide training programs of our solutions.  Our training programs can be tailored per customer needs.  Training can be provided either at our facility or customer locations.


Technical Support

  We provide standard technical support for our customers to ensure successful usage of our solutions in an on-going basis.


Premium Modeling Support

  We could also provide higher level of support in the early stage of solution deployment.