ATNO (Agillence Transportation Network Optimizer)

ATNO (Agillence Transportation Network Optimizer) offers world class optimization power through its suite of next generation optimization engines for supply chain, logistics, and transportation



ATNO is tool to design hub and spoke service network for LTL or Parcel carriers.  It produces a minimum cost hub and spoke network while respecting many operational constraints such as operation hours at spokes and sorting capacities at hubs.  Standard supply chain design tools are not adequate for this type of hub and spoke design due to bidirectional flow of commodities.

The following questions can be answered by ATNO:

  • Do I need more (or fewer) hubs?
  • Where should I put additional hubs?
  • How do I connect hubs?
  • How should I group spokes for a pick-up and delivery route?
  • How should I design route schedules to synchronize with hub sorting capacities?

The picture below is an output example of ATNO for a next day parcel delivery operation.

Key Features

  • Special algorithm for hub and spoke network design
  • Multi-stop modeling for spokes
  • Realistic cost modeling
  • Optimization power to handle very large scale problems