ATRO (Agillence Transportation Resource Optimizer)

ATRO is a resource (drivers and tractors) optimization tool to prepare bid or re-deploy resources in the current network.  It features lane bundling, which improves resource utilization and lowers bid prices.


ATRO can help you to calculate or optimize required resources to serve certain lanes.  It considers domiciles, drivers, tractors, and trailers.  Either shipper or carrier would like to bundle a few lanes to optimize resource utilization while satisfying constraints such as HOS (hour of service) rule. ATRO provides these solutions accurately and fast under very time constrained bid preparation situation. The following questions can be answered by ATRO:
  • What are the resources required to serve each lane?
  • What are the driver hours for each lane or bundles lanes?
  • What are the driver schedules?
  • What are the trip schedules?
The picture below is an output example of ATRO.  It shows 4 lanes of various frequency requirements that would need 36 drivers without bundling.  Our solution shows a bundling which requires only 25 drivers!

Key Features

  • Detailed HOS rule
  • Domicile locations
  • Accurate distance and driving time
  • Detailed resource requirement calculation (Driver, Tractor, & Trailer)
  • Lane bundling optimization (Advanced combinatorial optimization technique)