Agillence has developed a powerful optimization technology for supply chain, logistics, and transportation problems.  Coupled with our unique web based product architecture, we deliver our clients unprecedented benefits.

We have produced exceptional benefits for many companies across the world.  We can do the same for you!


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Jeffrey Liker documented how Agillence technology has helped Toyota


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Agillence Provides Systems and Services for Complex Inbound Logistics Management


Agillence provides complete inbound solution, systems and services, to support all aspects of complex inbound logistics.  Our lean logistics optimizer, ALLO, comes from our work for Toyota Motor Corporation.   Working in conjunction with ALLO, our logistics management system, ALMS, enables execution of the design operationally.


Inbound logistics process comprises of


- (Quarterly) Network Design and Route Optimization

- (Weekly) Operational Route Planning and Maintenance

- (Daily) Execution Tracking and Visibility

- (Weekly) Self Bill Invoice Generation


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Agillence Provides Next Generation Optimization Software


Agillence tools produce real benefit.  We create optimization tools of unprecedented power to deliver real benefit for your business.


Transforming philosophy to science

Many best business practices in the world, such as TPS (Toyota Production System) or Lean Logistics are philosophy rather than science.  We at Agillence are hard at work to transform philosophy into science, via software, so that they can be reproducible economically and fast.


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Unprecedented Optimization Power


Super-Powered Optimization Engines

Agillence has developed a powerful optimization technology to handle problems with more width and depth simultaneously.  Agillence tools deliver real benefit; superior cost saving and implentable solution.



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